Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SMU_DE July 2014 Examination- Marks Card/ 2nd Lot received from the University

Dear Students,

SMU_DE July 2014 Examination- Marks Card/ 2nd Lot received from the University.Students concerned are requested to contact Logistic Deptt.You can also call 0612-2271242/243/331-Ext-703/704.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Vijay Dashmi and Bakrid

Wishing you all Happy Durga Puja(Vijay Dashmi) and ID-Ul-Juha(Bakrid).The campus will remain closed from 1st October to 7th October 2014.The campus will re-open on 8th Oct 2014 (Wednesday) as per the routine.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Resitting Window for Oct/Nov 2014 Exam Open.Last date 30th September 2014

Dear SMU_DE Students,

The special re-sitting window is opened for those students who have failed in July/Aug 14 Examinations and want to appear in Oct/Nov 14 Examinations.

Last Date 30th September 2014.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall 2014 assignments available on EduNxt.Last date to submit 15th December 2014.

Dear SMU_DE Students,

We are happy to inform that the Fall 2014 session (January 2015 Examination)  IA upload tab is made available in  student EDUNXT profile. The students are advised to download the assignment question paper (Fall 2014) and prepare the assignments as per the instructions.

The last date for submission of Fall 2014  assignments to University through EDUNXT is 15th December, 2014.

All student are requested to use this opportunity to upload completed assignments through their EDUNXT login immediately. Hard copies will not be accepted .

With Regards,
Internal Assessments Section
Office of Student Evaluation
Sikkim Manipal University – DE
First Floor, Corporation Bank Building, Manipal – 576104.

For SMU_DE Final Semester Students special class on Synopsis and Project Preparation

------------------Important Information*--------------------------
For SMU_DE Final Semester Students.

MBA 3rd, 4th Semester and BBA 6th Semester- Special Class on Synopsis and Project Preparation on 27th September (Saturday), 1:00-2:00 PM at Seminar Hall.

MCA 6th Sem, MSc.IT 4th Sem, BCA 6th Sem and BSc.IT 6th Sem-Special Class on Synopsis and Project Preparation on 29th September (Monday), 1:00-2:00 PM at Seminar Hall.

Please ensure your attendance for all updates as per the University Guidelines.

Last date to submit Synopsis to University via EduNxt(On Line) 15th Oct 2014.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MBA Project Synopsis Submission for SMU_DE, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MBA Project Synopsis Submission
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. How do students submit project synopsis for approval?
Project Synopsis is to be submitted for approval only through student’s EduNxt login.
2. Who can be a project Guide?
An individual who satisfies the conditions laid out by the University may be a project guide. The individual may be associated with the Learning Centre (LC) or with any Organization/ Institute/ College/ University.
3. What is process of guide registration?
Guide Registration is a onetime activity. While submitting the synopsis in EduNxt, students have to provide the details of the new guide. University will scrutinise and will approve the guide. A new guide will be given a “Guide Registration Number” by the University.
A guide who has a registration number should provide the same to the students who require his/ her services.
4. Do the guides have to get registered every drive?
Once guide is approved and given a guide registration number, it will serve the purpose in future too.
5. Can the guide details be sent through mail?
Students should provide the guide details only in EduNxt while submitting the Synopsis.
6. What should a student do if his/her proposed guide is not approved by the University?
Students should look for someone who satisfies the terms and conditions laid down by the University to be a guide.
7. What is the role of the LC in identifying the Project Guides?
Role of the LC is to facilitate their students in identifying project Guides.
8. Is it necessary to submit degree certificate for Guide approval? Can one submit his/ her provisional certificate?
For approval, students should submit the highest Qualification Credentials of the guide as per the terms and conditions. This may be either the Degree or Provisional certificate.
9. Is it necessary to provide experience certificate for Guide approval?
In the absence of experience certification the guide should give a self-declaration in EduNxt.
10. What are the dates for submissions of Synopsis?
MBA Students who are appearing for final semester Project Viva-voce Examination in March/ Apr-2015 should submit the synopsis before 31st October 2014.
11. What are the terms and conditions to become a guide?
Qualification of a Guide:
Post-Graduation (preferably MBA) with specialization in appropriate area.
The guide should have a minimum of 2 years of Industry/ Teaching experience.
Role of a Guide:
As a guide you are expected to offer suggestions to fine tune the problem identified and in synopsis preparation. The problem identified should be sufficient enough for a study at MBA level.
The guide has to monitor and review the project work periodically with a minimum two reviews during the course of the project. Review report needs to be prepared.
The guide has to go through the draft project report and offer suggestions wherever necessary and to confirm that the project report is submitted as per the prescribed format.
The guide has to send the Internal Assessment (IA) mark for the students whom he/she was guiding for the session, to the LC to which the student is attached. This is to be sent along with the signed final Project Report for submission.
In a given session a guide can supervise a maximum of 20 projects.
12. What if the synopsis is submitted after the last date?
It will be evaluated only for the subsequent examination cycle.
13. Where can students get guidelines for project synopsis and project report preparation?
The guidelines for project synopsis submission and project report preparation are available:
(i) under ‘User Manual’ section in EduNxt login of students
(ii) under ‘Announcement’ section in EduNxt login of students
(iii) under ‘my zone’ section in EduNxt - LC login
(iv) at Learning Centers

Mangalyaan in Mars Orbit; History Created...

Mangalyaan in Mars Orbit; History Created...

This morning the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO successfully ignited the main 440 Newton liquid engine and eight small thrusters that fired for 24 minutes and trimmed the speed of the craft to allow smooth orbit insertion under Mars' shadow.

Two hours later, Mangalyaan transmitted the first pictures from Mars.

In the morning, among an audience made up largely of excited scientists at ISRO's command centre in Bangalore was Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He had reached there early to cheer the Mars Orbiter Mission or MOM and looked tense during the final moments.

But as celebrations began after delayed communication signals - it takes 12.5 minutes for signals to travel from the orbiter to Earth - confirmed the spacecraft had entered the Mars orbit, Mr Modi broke into a big smile and clapped his way to the rostrum, where he said, "The moment this mission was named MOM, I knew it would not disappoint. Moms never fail... We dared to reach out to the unknown."
Mars Orbiter Mission: Chronology of Events
Mangalyaan - From Report to Reality in Three Years

"History has been created today. We have achieved the near impossible. I congratulate all ISRO scientists and all my fellow Indians on this historic achievement," Mr Modi said, noting that India was the first country to achieve this on the first attempt.

"The odds were stacked against us. Of the 51 missions attempted across the world so far, a mere 21 had succeeded. But we have prevailed," he said.

By placing Mangalyaan in the Mars orbit, India joins the US, the European Space Agency and Russia in the elite club of Martian explorers. China and Japan have failed.

Messages congratulating ISRO are pouring in, among them greetings from American space agency NASA.

Mr Modi emphasised that this was a completely 'Made in India' effort. "We built it indigenously, in a pan-Indian effort, stretching from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar, and Faridabad to Rajkot," the PM said, repeatedly congratulating India's scientists for their achievement.

Fast tracked by ISRO, Mangalyaan was made in just 15 months at a cost of Rs. 450 crore - the cheapest inter-planetary mission ever to be undertaken. Mr Modi again noted today that it was cheaper than a Hollywood movie. (Read) | (Mars Orbiter Mission: Chronology of Events)

Today's success will boost India's five-decade-old space programme that Mr Modi aims to expand with better infrastructure and technology.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SMU_DE,IV th Lot July 2014 Examination result announced

Dear SMU_DE Students,

We are happy to inform you that the July 2014 examination results (IV Lot) of students whose Internal Assessment & Term End examination evaluation for any particular semester is completed are declared and are available athttp://results.smude.edu.in/

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

30th September 2014 last date to submit/upload the assignment for Summer 2014 Session.

Dear SMU_DE Students,

The last date for submission of Summer 2014 assignments to University through EDUNXT is 30th September, 2014. All students are requested to upload completed assignments through their EDUNXT login immediately. Hard copies will not be accepted.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Induction Function of 1st Semester

Induction Program was organised for 1st Semester Magadh University and Sikkim Manipal University students of BCA, BBA,BBM,BSc.IT, MCA, MBA and MSc.IT.The students are enrolled in August 2014 session.The function was graced by the Vice President Shri Abhijit Kumar and Dean of the Campus Smt. Renuka Yashaswee.The function was co-ordinated by Mrs. Ranjani Kumari, Sr. Faculty of Management Course and Shri Ritesh Kumar Placement In-charge.The Induction function was aided by AV Materials.

SMU_DE Kolkata Job Fair

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

6th September 2014 Kolkata Job Fair, information about Industries participation.

Dear SMU-DE Students,

We have over 1000 openings so far confirmed for 6th Sep 2014 Kolkata Job Fair, some of the openings available on the Job Fair is mentioned below. 
We shall be sharing the client list with all details tomorrow.
Do look forward to your support in making the event a grand success.

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